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Yellowbridge provides aids to supplement any study program, including Etymology Explorer and
– A comprehensive Chinese-English Dictionary: Search for a character by drawing it. Quickly locate any character if you recognize any of its components. Use fuzzy pinyin match to locate words even if you are unsure of the pronunciation. Find the most common related words for any word.
– Chinese Flashcards: Customized for some of the top textbooks, including Integrated Chinese and New Practical Chinese Reader.
Chinese Memory Game: A fun alternative to flashcards. Listen to Chinese words pronounced from any web page with YellowBridge Talker.

* Mandarintools provides tools to learn Chinese – for people who are already studying and using Chinese. Among many others a Chinese/English dictionary, Chinese Namer, Western/Chinese Calendar Converter. 

* Download LCC (Learn Chinese Characters), a multimedia learning program that teaches reading and writing Chinese characters. For each character it gives the English definitions, Pinyin and Zhuyin annotations, cross reference of simplified/traditional form (if applicable), root, number of strokes (excluding the root), word examples and definitions. You can also hear the character pronounced through the speaker and see an animation of writing it.

* Semanda is a website for learning basic Mandarin Chinese vocabulary using illustrated flashcards. Online flashcards and multiple choice quizzes in several subjects are available, as well as printable PDF flash cards. For kids and beginners.

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