Let your keyboard sound like a typewriter

I like sometimes to hear typewriter sounds with my keyboard. To enjoy even occasionally a noisier typing, you can have some program register a sound scheme to your keyboard. It is not the same to listen to keyboard sounds from speakers instead of the keyboard itself, but it can be pleasant, and it lets you keep enjoying your favorite Microsoft or Logitech super-keyboards.

Home Typist is (supposed to be) a free utility that adds typewriter sounds to the keyboard. However, the sounds are of a quality that is not recognizable by hi end audio systems in Windows. Besides this, Home Typist won’t work on Windows 7, but only when the focus is on some of the program’s own windows, which means you are going to hear nothing when you use your Word processor!

Key Sound Generator can be trusted for a noisy keyboard experience on Windows 7 — it seems that it won’t work on Windows 8.

If you are on Windows 8 try Qwertick, a program that works fine, although offering a single sound scheme you cannot change or customize.

In the download below I have replaced the original low quality sounds of KSG with new, that are not only hi-end but also carefully selected to be comfortable even after hours of use. You can use Audacity, or other free audio editors to tweak further the sounds if you need to (increase the volume of this, decrease the volume of that, etc)

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