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Q3Offline is an easy to use configuration utility for games based on the Quake III Arena engine, including: Quake III Arena (single player against bots, and multiplayer servers); Quake III Team Arena (single player against bots, and multiplayer servers); Star Trek Voyager Elite Force (single player against bots, and multiplayer servers); Return to Castle Wolfenstein (multiplayer servers – no bot support); Medal of Honor Allied Assault (multiplayer servers – no bot support); Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast (single player against bots, and multiplayer servers).

Features: Configures game type (Free for all, Tournament, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag); Configures common game parameters such as time limit and frag limit; Configures which maps to play and in which order (the map order can be random); Configures which bots to play, the skill of the bots, and which teams the bots play on. The bots, their skills and teams can be randomly assigned by Q3Offline; Creating new bots from existing models, skins, and AI files; Configures server.

Q3Offline saves the parameters used to launch the game, so the next time you run it you do not have to set all the parameters again.

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