Microsoft Word (Office 2013): The Joy to Write

The design of the new (365 / 2013) version of Microsoft Word, is closer to the flat and simple Windows 8 interface, the whole program is directed towards mobility using the ‘cloud’ — and everything is animated, from sliding a menu to fade in a document, even selecting some words or sentences, even typing…, animation is everywhere.

I would say that this is the most important change in the new Word version, the general feeling, a sense of flowing and cleanness, adding to a joyful write and read experience.

A new ‘DESIGN’ menu is very welcome along with the old ‘Page Layout’, and you can now open and edit even PDF files.

Another useful feature is the possibility to organize footnotes in up to 4 columns, even if your document does not contain columns, this way saving a lot of space in the footnote area, especially if your footnotes contain a lot of 3 to 4 words references. Note that you need to save a document in the docX format (not just ‘doc’) in order for footnote columns to function.

Word 2013, and I suspect the whole Office suite, besides working in touch-computers offers a lot of cloud and collaboration options and takes a greater advantage of the web.

Everything considered, I wouldn’t revert back to Office 2010 even if only for the new animated, modern and clean design of the new Office.

Especially authors will appreciate and enjoy this version a lot.

Windows 8 and the new Office are convincing products; Microsoft is on the right way, it becomes again exciting! As Gadi Amit, founder of design agency NewDealDesign, admits, “I think Microsoft is ahead of everyone else.”

Check for more information on Word and other Office 365 applications at Microsoft.

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